Dear Visitors of the SUMP website,

Use the map in order to submit your proposals for solutions related to the improvement of mobility in the city of Sofia. To do this, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Register with a name, email, and password (if you have not already signed up). Upon successful registration, on the email you provide, you will receive a link to activate your account.
Step 2: Enter the registered email and password.
Step 3: Mark the location of your proposal on the map using the marker. You can zoom in or out the map by using the mouse or the + and - buttons at the bottom right end of the map.
Step 4: Select a category from the drop down menu in the window that appears and enter a description of your proposal.
Step 5: Click the "Send" button. After you send your message, you will receive a confirmation in a window on the map.

Additional information related to the submission of proposals and the use of the site can be found in the "General terms and conditions".