5 Focus Groups Were Held With Stakeholders Interested in DSUMPSM Implementation

The contractor of the project "Development of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the Sofia Municipality" held five focus groups with the expert level stakeholders interested in the implementation of the project. The main focus of the focus groups was the broad expertise of the project proposals. The focus groups were held in 5 consecutive days in the period from 19.03.2018 to 23.03.2018 at the Center for Design, Culture and Innovation "Generator" at Bul. Cherni Vrah 47, Sofia.

The focus groups were held jointly with the team of Sofproekt / Vision for Sofia, who were in the role of moderator and took part in them representatives of Sofia Municipality, representatives of various committees at Sofia Municipal Council, Sofia Electric-transport, Sofia Auto-transport,  Metropolitan, NRIC, Union of Architects, Union of Urban Planners, API, Independent Experts, Traffic Police and five non-governmental organizations. Specific objectives, projects and proposals for solutions that were subject to change and complement were sent to the participants. As a result of the focus groups, new specific objectives and proposals for solutions (projects) were generated and some of the already formulated ones were optimized and others rejected.

As a next stage in the preparation of the "Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Sofia Municipality", working meetings with the regional mayors on the territory of Sofia Municipality are going to be held, as well as a wide public consultation. Also, an expert meeting will be held with representatives of the Architecture and Urban Development Division of Sofia Municipality. After their implementation, the proposals and opinions received will be systematically updated, thus enabling the updated list of specific objectives and proposals for decisions to be completed and improved.

The contract "Development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Sofia Municipality" was signed on 07.04.2017, as a result of a successful public procurement procedure and is signed between Sofia Municipality and INFRAMOBILPLAN. The main objective of Sofia City Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is to achieve a sustainable urban transport system. The plan developed should meet the mobility needs of citizens and businesses in all settlements within the municipality with a view to achieving a better quality of life while covering the period until 2035. The contract is implemented with the financial support of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of the Swiss Confederation.
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