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This website is owned by the INFRAMOBILPLAN partnership.
Site users have the right to use the content and services of the site solely for personal purposes, and only if the source is quoted when using any information.
The team of INFRAMOBILPLAN seeks to publish accurate, correct and up-to-date information. However, it is possible that non-essential gaps and discrepancies appear incidentally. Also, the site owner cannot guarantee that he can fully secure content as a result of malicious attacks.
"INFRAMOBILPLAN" is not a personal data operator and does not use any user-related information on the site. In this regard, when registering a user on the site, he / she provides only a username, an email and a password at his / her discretion. No other personal data is required and the user should not provide it. Registration is only required if the user wishes to submit a proposal for improvement related to urban mobility in Sofia and users of the site use it to access their account. Proposals submitted by the users may be used by SUMP expert team for the purpose of developing the plan. The proposals themselves can be summarized statistically and analytically, but without providing information to the registered users who submitted them. The data can be revealed only at the explicit request of a state body and officials, in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation in force.
Users should use their site registration only for the purpose of submitting proposals in the categories of the urban mobility in Sofia described in the information section of the interactive map. These categories are:
∙ Public Urban Transport
∙ Street network, car traffic and road safety
• Paid parking and buffer parking lots
∙ pedestrian network
∙ Cycling network
∙ Intelligent Transport Systems
∙ Electric vehicles
∙ Urban logistics.
Messages not related to the categories above will not be reviewed, and users may be blocked if they repeatedly violate this condition.
Users should bear in mind that it cannot be guaranteed that the information on the Internet is fully protected and that the information provided by users will not be the subject to hacking attacks.
From a safety point of view, registered users should also be careful with the data they provide. Do not share your username and password with others. Also, after submitting your proposal from your account, use “Exit” to exit the system.
The opening of pages on the site and links therein is a statement by the user that he is familiar with, accepts and undertakes to abide by these General Terms and Conditions.
For all issues not covered by these General Terms and Conditions is applicable the Bulgarian legislation in force.
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